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GLIA_21248_sm_SuppFig1.tif108KSupporting Information Figure 1. SIRT2 message levels are not affected in the q/q mutant brain. SIRT2 message levels were quantitated by Real Time qRT-PCR in RNA extracted from q/w and q/q brainstem at P40 (n=3). Bar graph is the mean±SD of data obtained from three independent determinations in three separate mice. There are not differences between q/w and q/q.
GLIA_21248_sm_SuppFig2.tif1762KSupporting Information Figure 2. SIRT2 is present in the cell body, processes and myelin sheaths of the PLP-ISEdel OL in vitro. Representative immunocytochemical staining of a PLP-ISEdel OL differentiated for 72 hrs with SIRT2 (red) and the oligodendrocyte-specific surface marker recognized by the O4 antibody (green). The merged image shows that SIRT2 is localized in the cell body, processes and in the cytoplasm of the myelin sheath (arrows) (n=3).

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