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GLIA_21256_sm_SuppFig1.tif123KSupporting Information Figure 1. Supernatant fluorescence intensity measurement after bacterial centrifugation and following a various number of washing of the bacterial suspension. At the given settings, the bacterial suspension demonstrated fluorescence of about 40, 000 A.U.
GLIA_21256_sm_SuppFig2.tif2505KSupporting Information Figure 2. Distribution of Evans blue dye (1%, 10 μL, i.c.v.) after 2 h in the brain dorsally (A), ventrally (B) and after a partial unfolding of the right hemisphere to visualize the ventricle (C). Abbreviations are as follows: Cx - cortex, (l) left and (r) right; S - brain stem; C - cerebellum, HTh - hypothalamus; OCh - optical chiasm; V - ventricle. D. Dilution of Evans blue dye in the CSF 2 h after injection and extrapolation to the equivalent PLY concentrations (pre-injection stock 25 μg/mL). E. Determination of the PLY concentration in the CSF of animals after Western blot analysis compared with serial dilutions 2 h after injection.

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