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GLIA22365SuppInfoFig1.pdf183KSupporting Information Figure 1. Laminin proteins during early postnatal cerebral cortex development. Top panels: Immunohistochemistry with a pan-laminin (Lm) antibody on 40μm-floating sections of cerebral cortices reveals high levels of laminin expression (green) in the pial basal lamina (pial BL; arrowheads) and vasculature of the cerebral cortex at postnatal day 1 (P1) and 8 (P8). Moderate pericellular staining was also observed on cell bodies in the cortical layers underlying the pia BL. Scale bar=100 microns. Bottom panels: laminin immunoreactivity (green) in the SVZ niche during postnatal gliogenesis. At P1 (bottom left panel), laminin is prominent near the dorsal aspect of the lateral ventricle (LV) in the blood vessels of the SVZ. Extravascular laminin immunoreactive puncta were also detected near the ventricular surface. By P8 (bottom right panel), laminin levels in the SVZ become markedly decreased relative to P1, although laminin levels remains extensive in the vasculature. Cells lining the lateral ventricles also exhibit positive immunoreactivity to the pan-laminin antibody. Nuclei are visualized using DAPI (blue) Scale bar=50 microns.

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