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GLIA_22375_sm_SuppFig1.pdf64KSupporting Information Figure 1. Validation of minimum cell numbers required for reliable PCR products. Microglia from spinal cords of mice injected intracerebrally with poly I:C for 4 h were FACS purified. RNA was separately isolated from decreasing cell numbers as indicated and expression of Gapdh, Ifna4, Ifnb, Ifit1 and Ifit2 transcripts were analyzed. Data are representative of 10 pooled mice from a single experiment.
GLIA_22375_sm_SuppFig2.pdf93KSupporting Information Figure 2. Ex vivo stimulation of oligodendroglia and microglia with poly I:C or poly I:C supplemented with FuGENE. Purified microglia and CD45- O4+ oligodendroglia from spinal cords of naïve mice were stimulated with poly I:C only or poly I:C and FuGENE for 8 h and expression of Ifna4, Ifnβ, Ifit1, and Ifit2 transcripts were analyzed. Data are representative of two independent experiments each with 12 pooled mice per experiment.

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