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glia22567-sup-0001-suppinfo01.doc159KSupplemental Figure 1. Increased proliferation in adult Cdc42-CKO nerves is independent of NF2/merlin. (A) Brdu incorporation in control and Cdc42-CKO nerves at P30 was visualized by Brdu staining (Red). Nuclei were visualized by DAPI (blue). (B) There was a significant increase in percentage of Brdu positive cells in Cdc42-CKO nerves. (C) Brdu staining in control, Cdc42-CKO, NF2-del and Cdc42-CKO;NF2-del nerves at P30 were shown. (D) There was no significant change of Brdu-positive cells percentage in Cdc42-CKO;NF2-del nerves compared with Cdc42-CKO nerves. (E) Total nuclei numbers in P30 control, Cdc42-CKO, NF2-del and Cdc42-CKO;NF2-del nerve cross sections. (F) Ki67 staining in P0 control and Cdc42-CKO nerve longitudinal sections. (G) Percentage of Ki67-positive cells in control and Cdc42-CKO nerves at P0. n =10 sections from at least 3 individual animals per genotype. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001 by ANOVA followed by Tukey test. Error bars indicate } SEM. Bars: (C) 50 μm.

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