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glia22668-sup-0001-suppfig1.tif12792KSupporting Figure 1. Astroglial reactivity. Representative images showing the GFAP+ cells (arrows in inserts) found in the non-lesioned (A and B) and in the ipsilateral FN of both WT (C) and GFAP-IL6Tg animals (D) at 21 dpi. Scale bar = 50 Μm. E) Histogram showing the AI quantification of GFAP staining in WT and GFAP-IL6Tg animals along the evolution of facial nerve axotomy. Note that at 21 dpi and 28 dpi the AI is significantly lower in transgenic mice (***p≤ 0.0001).
glia22668-sup-0002-suppinfo01.doc35Ksupporting Information

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