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2012GL054517txts01.pdfPDF document422KText includes detailed error analysis and a description of aliasing and sampling issues. Figure S1 - (top) Comparison of synthesized signal (O1+K1) with signal retrieved by our analysis procedure assuming data available at the actual times of Cice acquisition (red dots) from the AMSR-E swath data set. (bottom) Comparison of daily averaged Cice values for the same time series, computed as the 24-h running mean of the synthesized time series (black) and the daily average at the times of AMSR-E swath sampling (red). Figure S2 - Frequency distribution of amplitudes of (a) O1 and (b) K1 from 1000 Monte Carlo type simulations of noise-only time series that were randomly sampled from a normal distribution with a standard deviation of .1.

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