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suppl_photos.epsPS document19173KPhotographical overview of the debris of the avalanches.
suppl_originalphotos.epsPS document6330KOriginal photos used for the photographical overview.
suppl_topography.epsPS document525KComparison between the topography and the velocity of avalanche.
suppl_radar.epsPS document24604KHigh-quality version of Figure 2 in manuscript.
suppl_dynamics.epsPS document21599KHigh-quality version of Figure 3 in manuscript.
suppl_FMCW.epsPS document168347KHigh-quality version of Figure 4 in manuscript.
suppl_velocity.epsPS document42968KHigh-quality version of Figure 5 in manuscript.
2012GL051804readme.txtplain text document2KSupporting information
2012GL051804supplementary.texplain text document12KSupporting information

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