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2012GL054977text01.txttext/xml121KThis text file contains descriptive text about the glyoxal-SOA model, the GECKO-A model descriptions, the O/C calculations from both models and comparison with O/C measurements, as well sensitivity studies toward the role of background SOA. The file further contains captions to one Supplementary Table S1, and Supplementary Figures S1 to S6.
2012GL054977ts01.txttext/xml108KThis Table S1 shows results for individual glyoxal-SOA model runs.
2012GL054977fs01.pngPNG image60KThe time series of inorganic bulk mass of Mexico City aerosol.
2012GL054977fs02.pngPNG image76KThe sensitivity study of model-predicted aqueous-phase OH.
2012GL054977fs03.pngPNG image96KCompares the GECKO-A model predictions with measurements in form of time series plots.
2012GL054977fs04.pngPNG image118KCompares the GECKO-A model predictions with measurements in form of correlation plots.
2012GL054977fs05.pngPNG image149KThe GECKO-A predicted SOA and POA mass are specified by the number of carbon atoms.
2012GL054977fs06.pngPNG image122KComparison of measured and predicted O/C for different mechanisms.

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