figS1.pdfPDF document1563KMisfit grids of stacked results for each station. The double contour line indicates the 95% confidence area. The back-azimuth plot to the left of each misfit grid shows the azimuthal distribution of the events used for each station.
figS2.pdfPDF document499KVariation in delay time as a function of initial polarization azimuth for each station.
figS3.pdfPDF document454KVariation in fast direction as a function of initial polarization azimuth for each station.
figS4.pdfPDF document4783KAveraged splitting results in the Proterozoic orogenic belts and the Tanzania craton. Groups are defined by different colors, the numbers in the white boxes are fast direction (left) and delay time (right).
TableS1.pdfPDF document57KStacked splitting results for networks ZP and AF.
TableS2.pdfPDF document645KEvents and phases for splitting analysis
TableS3.pdfPDF document525KIndividual splitting results by station.
TableS4.pdfPDF document81KApparent splitting results for SKS and SKKS from the same event-station pair.
Supplemental2013GL055345.txtplain text document3KSupporting Information

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