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grl50388-sup-0001-Supplementary Figure 1.jpgJPEG image746KMean seasonal cycle of (a–d) surface, (e–h) 700 hPa, and (i–l) 300 hPa winds (m/s) for 1994–2008.
grl50388-sup-0002-Supplementary Figure 2.jpgJPEG image867KMajor epidemics of KD in Japan (1978/79, 1981/82, 1985/86).
grl50388-sup-0003-Supplementary Figure 3.jpgJPEG image686KOcean configuration for the individual interannual peaks of KD in (a–c) Japan and (d–f) San Diego.
grl50388-sup-0004-Supplementary Figure 4.jpgJPEG image1282KOcean-atmosphere mean composites for the interannual peaks of KD in (a–f) Japan and (g–r) San Diego.
grl50388-sup-0005-Supplementary Figure 5.jpgJPEG image572KSame as Figures 2e–j for the ocean-atmosphere composites in San Diego, but using the same criterion for the selection of the peaks than in Rodó et al. [2011].
grl50388-sup-0006-Supplementary Material.docWord document62KSupporting Information

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