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FigureS1.jpgJPEG image3710Kexamines the sensitivity of the maximum elevation of the 0°C isotherm from 1995–2012 to different temporal averaging windows.
FigureS2.jpgJPEG image2883Khas subplots of mean annual and seasonal near surface air temperatures over the period of continuous meteorological observations (1987–2012).
TableS1.pdfPDF document44Klists details of all in situ observations of mean annual near surface air temperature presented in Figure 1.
Table S2.pdfPDF document35Kis a summary of interpolated maximum annual 0°C isotherm elevation (dry snow line) and equilibrium line (ELA) elevation/distance from coast with corresponding error terms.
2013GL055369_Supp_Material.docWord document4426KSupporting Information
2013GL055369 Readme File.docxWord document82KSupporting Information

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