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grl50462-sup-0001-Table_S1.pdfPDF document92KThe Number of Lakes (Percentage %), Water Level Change Rate (m/yr, Increasing (I) or Decreasing (D)), Area of Lakes With ICESat Data (104 km2) and Mass Change Rate (Gt/yr) of Basins in the Inner Tibet Plateau (I). The Inner Tibet Plateau is Further Divided Into Six Sub-basins (A, B, C, D, E, F).
grl50462-sup-0002-Figure S1.tifTIFF image26622KRate of lake level change vs. mass change by basin (left) and six sub-basins (A-F) in the ITP (right).
grl50462-sup-0003-2013GL055626_readme.txtplain text document1KSupplementary Information

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