grl50474-sup-0001-demoto_cloud_GL055327R_auxiliary.docWord document612KAttached in auxiliary material are additional figures for summary and discussion of section 4. We show schematic diagram, results of the additional experiments, and analysis of changes in convective drying.
grl50474-sup-0002-55327fs01r.epsPS document16236KSchematic of mechanisms controlling the decrease in low clouds over the subsidence regions.
grl50474-sup-0003-55327fs02r.epsPS document3149KSame as Fig. 2d but for the 30 day runs (thick) together with the TAMIP experiments (thin).
grl50474-sup-0004-55327fs03r.docWord document612KChanges in convective drying due to the change in the vertical gradient of specific humidity (blue), due to the change in cumulus mass flux (red), and the sum of the two terms (black) in the TAMIP and AMIP experiments.
grl50474-sup-0005-2013GL055327R_readme.docxplain/text14KSupporting Information

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