Fig_S1.jpgJPEG image3133Kshows coseismic offsets derived from GPS measurements at various IGS sites and at permanent GPS sites in the Andaman Nicobar region (shown with black arrows with error bars). Other details are the same as in Figure 1. Red arrows are the predicated coseismic displacements at these sites due to the revised finite fault model derived from the back projection of seismic waves (Thorne Lay, 2013, personal correspondence). The fit deteriorated in this figure as compared to that in Figure 1.
Fig_S2.jpgJPEG image3884Kshows coseismic offsets (black arrows) at sites of SuGAR. In panels (A) and (B), simulated coseismic displacements due to the slip model by Yue et al. (2012) and their revised model are also shown by red and blue arrows respectively. Other details in panel (A) are the same as in Figure 1. The revised slip model deteriorated fit (B) even in this case as well.
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