2013GL056508R_ts01.xlsxExcel 2007 spreadsheet46KCorrelations of SAMW nutrient and temperature time series with forcing: the SAM Index, MEI Index, and negative (for consistency with Figure 4) of the wind stress curl (-WSC).
2013GL056508R_fs01.jpgJPEG image2572KPlots of data regressions listed in Table S1 and discussed in the text. Left to right: Correlations of Pacific sector SAMW nutrients and temperature with wind stress curl (WSC) in the Antarctic Zone (AZ), Polar Frontal Zone (PFZ), Subantarctic Zone (SAZ); with the Southern Annular Mode (SAM). Correlations of Australian sector SAMW nutrients with the MEI index.
2013GL056508R_readme.txtplain text document1KSupporting information
SupportingInformation.pdfPDF document2961KSupporting information

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