AuxTable1.Revised.docxWord 2007 document24KData from 10 lakes sampled over multiple seasons
AuxTable2.Revised.docxWord 2007 document130KData for 175 lakes
AuxFig1.pdfPDF document208KCross plots of mean surface area, variance, basin size, and E/I
AuxFig2.pdfPDF document154KSeasonal oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios
AuxFig3.pdfPDF document222KOxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios for each sampling campaign
AuxFig4.pdfPDF document138KDistribution of δ18O intercepts with the Global Meteoric Water Line
AuxFig5sm.pdfPDF document902KLocation and isotope ratios for five 11.2 km2 plots sampled in 2011
AuxText.Revised.docxWord 2007 document35KSupporting Information
ReadMe.GRL.docxWord 2007 document93KSupporting Information

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