supplementary_information_thirdreview_v2.docWord document40KThe Supplementary Information includes the formal development of the separation of sea level variability in the steric and mass components. It also includes a description of the spatial patterns of the long term trends of the steric, thermosteric and halosteric components of sea level variability. This description is accompanied by a Figure SI-1.
figure_review_SI1.jpgJPEG image141KFigure SI-1- Spatial distribution of steric, thermosteric and halosteric trends (in mm/yr) computed for the period 1960-2000 and referenced to 700 m using data from EN3 (first row), ISHII (second row), ISHIIUPD (third row) and MEDATLAS2 (bottom row). The black line indicates the 0 value.
readme_SI_secondreview.txtplain/text1KSupporting Information

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