grl50754-sup-0001-fs01.pdfPDF document52KSpatial pattern of differences between the linear combination of the CO2 and LUC temperature anomalies (relative to control) and the TRADE temperature anomalies. Colored gridcells are significant at the 95% confidence level.
grl50754-sup-0002-fs02.jpgJPEG image204KPercent change in annual precipitation for each perturbed forcing scenario relative to control, as well as the linear combination of the LUC and CO2 percent changes. Gridcells are colored only if a t-test indicates they are significantly different from the control simulation at the 95% confidence level.
grl50754-sup-0003-fs03.pdfPDF document64KGlobal mean surface air temperature responses over land and oceans respectively for the LUC and CO2 scenarios.
grl50754-sup-0004-ts01.docxWord 2007 document16KGlobal precipitation responses for the three perturbed forcing simulations relative to control.
Jones_SOM_Readme.docxWord document106KSupporting Information

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