readme_2.docWord document26KSupporting information
Auxiliary_Materialtext01ts01.docWord document39KAuxiliary_Material-text01-ts01.doc outlines how and what chronostratigraphic horizons were chosen and how they were correlated interbasinally. It also contains a table that specifies the stratigraphic position of each chronostratigraphic horizon in the basins studied.
Auxiliary_Materialts02.txtplain text document10KAuxiliary_ Material-ts02.txt is a comma delimited table with the wells and well data used to create the isopach maps presented in this paper. For information on how horizons were correlated see the other auxiliary file provided (Auxiliary_Table-text01-ts01.doc). Below is a list of all the column headers and a description of the data contained in each table column.
Auxiliarly_Materialfs01.pdfPDF document233KAuxiliarly_Material-fs01.pdf is a figure that gives additional information on isopach controls and the literature used in creating the isopach maps in Figure 3.

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