Erratum: Embracing the second best? Synchronization of reform speeds, excess high discretion slack, and performance of transition economy firms


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  1. Embracing the Second Best? Synchronization of Reform Speeds, Excess High Discretion Slack, and Performance of Transition Economy Firms Volume 4, Issue 2, 104–126, Article first published online: 4 May 2014

Elitsa R. Banalieva

Global Strategy Journal 2014; 4(2): 104–126. DOI: 10.1111/j.2042-5805.2014.1075.x

We thank the author for bringing to our and the reader's attention the following printing error in the production process in the aforementioned paper.

Table 3, page 117

The ‘Synchronization of reform speeds’ coefficients are misaligned. Below is the correct presentation of Table 3.

We regret any inconvenience caused by this error.

Table 3. Regression results
 Model 3.1Model 3.2Model 3.3Model 3.4
  1. NOTE: Standardized coefficients with t-statistics in parentheses. All explanatory variables are lagged one year. N = 1,075; *p < 0.10, **p < 0.05; *** p < 0.01
Synchronization of reform speeds 0.406***0.392***0.419***
Synchronization of reform speeds x Excess high discretion slack   0.064**
Excess high discretion slack  0.0260.031*
Industry diversification0.0190.0180.0200.016
Firm age−0.421−0.500−0.482−0.480
Firm size−0.221**−0.225**−0.225**−0.233**
Market growth0.112**0.101*0.101*0.104*
Authoritarian political regime0.0040.0380.0380.038
Presidential tenure−0.025−0.038−0.035−0.032
Foreign competitive pressures−0.0080.0000.0000.001
Social development−0.039−0.039−0.038−0.035
Exposure to IMF policies−0.010−0.011−0.008−0.005
Net inventory−0.052−0.057*−0.055*−0.059*
Listed company−0.019−0.023−0.023−0.022
Marketing intensity−0.037−0.041−0.041−0.047
Non-state-owned company0.134***0.136***0.133***0.133***
Log likelihood2049.966***2874.733***2652.773***1814.854***
Within R-squared0.14190.14510.14590.1507