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Challenging Transhumanism's Values


  • Ronald M. Green


The core issues explored by transhumanism raise profound questions about the goods and evils that define human existence and about the nature and meaning of human life. Christian faith, too, has long provided answers to questions about the directionality and meaning of human life. In a world brought into being by a loving God, what were we meant to be in our original created nature? Which features of our current experience are the result of the distortions of human sinfulness, and which remain part of our created goodness? What will life be like if our self-created distortions are removed and our eschatological hopes of salvation are realized? In Transhumanism and Transcendence: Christian Hope in an Age of Technological Enhancement, thirteen essays by Christian theologians and ethicists indicate that there are points of convergence and divergence for Christianity and the more ambitious transhumanist visions.