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Conceived and Deceived: The Medical Interests of Donor-Conceived Individuals



  • Vardit Ravitsky, “Conceived and Deceived: The Medical Interests of Donor-Conceived Individuals,”


Effective July 22, 2011, a new law in the state of Washington requires any donor of sperm or eggs to provide a medical history and identifying information to fertility clinics. It also allows donor-conceived individuals to request this information from clinics once they reach the age of eighteen. This is a significant legislative milestone and a promising development in a country that has consistently shied away from regulating the infertility industry in any way.

What do we as a society owe donor-conceived individuals in terms of obtaining access to information about their genetic origins? This essay addresses just one of this set of issues: the regulatory changes required to address the medical interests of donor-conceived individuals, regardless of whether a human right to know one's genetic origins is acknowledged.