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HBM_22003_sm_SuppFig1.tif4125KSupplementary Figure 1: SPM “glass brain” representation (A) and statistical FA maps superimposed on an average FA template (B and C) showing clusters of correlations between MEP changes after PAS and decreased FA values in the SVD group (p < 0.001, minimum of 20 continuous voxels, corrected for multiple comparison). The analysis was adjusted for age and the mean FA of the ROI “corticospinal tract” to rule out an unspecific effect, e.g. a causal relationship between FA deficits of areas more closely related to motor cortex plasticity. Although the significant clusters were less distinct and widespread after the adjustment for corticospinal FA changes, the association between greater rapid-onset cortical plasticity and lower FA values symmetrically in the parahippocampal area and in the posterior part of the corpus callosum (red circles) was still preserved [using the same p-values for statistical significance].

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