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hbm22146-sup-0001-SuppFig1.TIF2066KSupporting Information Figure 1.
hbm22146-sup-0002-SuppFig2.tif302KSupporting Information Figure 2.
hbm22146-sup-0003-SuppTabS1.doc107KSupporting Information Table S1. Associations between cognitive functions and local grey matter volume as determined by whole-brain VBM statistics. Clusters above a threshold of p<0.001 (uncorrected) are tabulated in terms of the brain region and the corresponding Brodmann' s area. * p<0.05, FWE-corrected. Extent thresholds: digit span forward: 25 voxels; TMT part A, Stroop test part II: 50 voxels, remaining tests: 100 voxels. All associations were positive, i.e. better performance was related to larger local grey matter. Coordinates are according to the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) atlas. Common superscripts (1) to (7) indicate regions that were part of the same cluster, respectively.

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