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hbm22178-sup-0001-SuppVideo.mpg2091KSupporting Information Video: Replay of eye-video and visuomotor response data recorded inside an MRI scanner during occurrence of behavioral microsleeps in one of the participants. The video shows that the subject was very drowsy and had four behavioral microsleeps: a 4-s microsleep at 9s, a 2-s microsleep at 23 s, a 5-s microsleep at 26 s, and a 9-s microsleep at 46 s. The right panel displays response behaviors (from top to bottom): target (red) and response (blue) position in horizontal direction, target (yellow) and response (light blue) position in vertical direction, tracking error (black), resultant target (light blue) and response (green) position, and target (black) and response speed (pink). As seen in the video, during microsleeps, eye-closure is accompanied by flat tracking in both vertical and irection.

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