Erratum: ‘Expected value of information and decision making in HTA’ Health Econ 2006; DOI: 10.1002/hec.1161


  • Simon Eckermann,

  • Andrew R. Willan


This article corrects:

  1. Expected value of information and decision making in HTA Volume 16, Issue 2, 195–209, Article first published online: 15 September 2006

The above article (DOI:10.1002/hec.1161) was published online on 15 September 2006 in Wiley InterScience ( A printing error was subsequently identified in Figure 2 of the article. The corrected figure is printed below. The print publication will incorporate the corrected figure.

Figure 2.

Determination of the EVSI of trial of size n for DT vs AN. E(f1(b)∣n) is expected (at time of decision) probability density of INB at time of new evidence from a trial of size n

The publishers accept full responsibility for this error and would like to apologise for any confusion caused.

Secondly, it should be noted that the first author of the article, Simon Eckermann is also affiliated to the NHMRC Clinical Trial Centre, Sydney University.