• Bruce Hollingsworth,

  • Anthony Scott

This issue contains a selection of papers from the 2nd Australasian Workshop on Econometrics and Health Economics. This workshop is part of a series, which provides a unique forum for the development and dissemination of applications of econometrics and other quantitative approaches in health economics in the Australasian region. The format of the workshop is modelled on the long running European Workshops run by Andrew Jones and Owen O'Donnell. We strongly encourage submissions from the Asia-Pacific region.

The workshop was held at the Gold Coast, Queensland on 27–29 April 2011. The meeting was attended by 40 participants from five countries, and the programme featured 14 papers. The series is organised by Bruce Hollingsworth (Monash University) and Anthony Scott (Melbourne University), supported by a Scientific Committee of Denzil Fiebig (Chair, University of New South Wales), Bill Greene (New York University), Andrew Jones (University of York) and Mike Shields (Monash University).

The workshop received support from the Centre for Health Economics (Monash University), Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research (University of Melbourne), the Economic Society of Australia, Queensland Health, the Australian Health Economists' Society, and the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (University of Technology Sydney). Early career researchers and PhD students were encouraged to attend. A Training Day conducted by Partha Deb and Bill Greene was hosted before the workshop, with 50 attendees.

Full paper submissions to the workshop were initially refereed by the organisers and scientific committee, and from 34 submissions, 14 were selected for presentation. All presenters were invited to submit to this special edition. All of the papers published in this issue have gone through the usual process of refereeing for Health Economics, which is edited by Bruce Hollingsworth and Anthony Scott. The refereeing process has been carried out on a very tight publication schedule, and we would like to thank all of the referees for their prompt responses.

The 2012 workshop has been held in Sydney, New South Wales, on 11–13 April 2012. The day before the workshop, there was a training day conducted by Maarten Lindeboom. Following his move to Lancaster University in the UK, Bruce Hollingsworth has handed over his role as Series Organiser to Michael Shields at Monash University and now serves in the Scientific Committee.

We take this opportunity to thank the Scientific Committee for their help and especially to thank Lynette McGowan for her support and help with the administration of all aspects of the workshop.

For more information about the workshop series please contact Lynette McGowan, Centre for Health Economics, Monash University (, or Anthony Scott, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, University of Melbourne (, or visit the workshop web


P. Trivedi (Department of Economics Indiana University)

  • Alternative approaches for econometric analysis of panel count data using dynamic latent class models (with application to doctor visits data)
  • Discussant: D. Fiebig (University of New South Wales)

M. Johar (University of Technology, Sydney)

  • Socioeconomic differences in waiting times
  • Discussant: P. Sivey (University of Melbourne)

S. Maruyama (University of New South Wales)

  • Inter vivos health transfers
  • Discussant: G. Jones (Macquarie University)

S. Tubeuf (University of Leeds)

  • Mediating role of socioeconomic factors and lifestyles in the relationship between early-life conditions and health: evidence from the 1958 British cohort
  • Discussant: G. Chen (Monash University)

J. Williams (University of Melbourne)

  • The effects of cannabis use on physical and mental health
  • Discussant: E. Lancsar (Monash University)

B. Borah (Mayo College of Medicine, USA)

  • Explaining obesity and smoking related healthcare costs through unconditional quantile regression
  • Discussant: K. Sinha (Monash University)

M. Kallestrup-Lamb (Aarhus University, Denmark)

  • The impact of health changes on labour supply: evidence from merged data on individual objective medical diagnosis codes and early retirement behaviour
  • Discussant: B. Greene (New York University)

D. Eldridge (La Trobe University)

  • Demand for private health insurance and hospital care in Australia: evidence from the National Health Survey
  • Discussant: M. Harris (Monash University)

F. Carmignani (The University of Queensland)

  • Does aid for HIV respond to media pressure?
  • Discussant: P. Lorgelly (Monash University)

J. Meinecke (Australian National University)

  • Do health care report cards cause provider moral hazard?
  • Discussant: J. Yong (University of Melbourne)

C. Tran (Australian National University)

  • Medical consumption over the life cycle: facts from a US Medical Expenditure Panel Survey
  • Discussant: P. Deb (City University of New York)

L. Salmasi (University of Perugia)

  • Body weight and socio-economic determinants: quantile estimations from the British Household Panel Survey
  • Discussant: W. Lee (RMIT University)

L. Bechtel (Queensland University)

  • Income inequality and mental health
  • Discussant: E. Savage (University of Technology, Sydney)

L. Kromann (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

  • Does employee body weight affect employers behaviour?
  • Discussant: D. Johnston (Monash University)


Anthony HarrisMonash University
Bijan BorahMayo College, USA
Bill GreeneNew York University
Bob ElliottUniversity of Aberdeen, Scotland
Bruce HollingsworthMonash University
Chung TranAustralian National University
Damien EldridgeLa Trobe University
David JohnstonMonash University
Denzil FiebigUniversity of New South Wales
Elizabeth SavageUniversity of Technology, Sydney
Emily LancsarMonash University
Fabrizio CarmignaniUniversity of Queensland
Gang ChenMonash University
Glenn JonesMacquarie University
Jean SpinksMonash University
Jenny WilliamsUniversity of Melbourne
Jongsay YongUniversity of Melbourne
Juergen MeineckeAustralian National University
Kompal SinhaMonash University
Lene KromannCopenhagen Business School, Denmark
Luca SalmasiUniversity Perugia, Italy
Lucy BechtelQueensland University
Malene Kallestrup-LambAarhus University, Denmark
Mark HarrisMonash University
Meliyanni JoharUniversity of Technology, Sydney
Nicole AuMonash University
Parha DebCity University New York
Paula LorgellyMonash University
Peter SiveyUniversity of Melbourne
Pravin TrivediIndiana University, USA
Raja JanangeerAustralian National University
Rosalie VineyUniversity of Technology Sydney
Sandy TubeufUniversity of Leeds, UK
Shiko MaruyamaUniversity of New South Wales
Stephanie KnoxUniversity of Technology Sydney
Stephen BeggQueensland Health
Anthony ScottUniversity of Melbourne
Tracy ComansGriffith University, QLD
Wang-Sheng LeeRMIT University
Yijuan ChenAustralian National University