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Outcomes after definitive treatment for cutaneous angiosarcoma of the face and scalp




The aim of the present analysis was to retrospectively evaluate outcomes in patients with cutaneous angiosarcoma of the face/scalp treated curatively with surgery, radiation therapy (RT), or a combination of surgery and RT.


In all, 70 patients with nonmetastatic angiosarcoma underwent surgery, RT, or combined-modality therapy. Of these, 20 patients (29%) were treated with surgery alone, 27 patients (39%) with RT alone, and 23 patients (33%) with combined-modality therapy; 44 patients received chemotherapy, either neoadjuvantly or adjuvantly or both.


Median follow-up was 2.1 years. The overall survival (OS) rate was 43% at 5 years, and disease-specific survival (DSS) was 46% at 5 years. Tumor size > 5 cm and satellitosis were prognostic for inferior OS and DSS. Combined-modality therapy (vs surgery alone or RT alone) was associated with improved OS, DSS, and local control.


Primary local therapy with combined-modality therapy was associated with improved local control, OS, and DSS for patients with angiosarcoma of the face/scalp. © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Head Neck, 2011

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