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Sialendoscopy for sialolithiasis: Early treatment, better outcome




The objective of this study was to investigate whether patients with a short-term and long-term disease course of sialolithiasis show differences in the clinical picture and the outcome after sialendoscopy.


We retrospectively analyzed the findings and clinical courses of 62 consecutive patients who received sialendoscopy for sialolithiasis.


In 30 patients stones could be removed by pure endoscopic means. Stone size and stone mobility were significant predictors and the duration of symptoms was a marginally significant predictor for the endoscopic removability of stones. Patients with a good outcome had a significant shorter duration of symptoms than patients with a worse outcome.


The results of our study indicate an association between the duration of symptoms and the outcome after sialendoscopy for sialolithiasis. Early sialendoscopic treatment indicates a favorable outcome and is recommended for sialolithiasis after failure of conservative treatment. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Head Neck, 2012.