Acute massive necrosis of the liver induced by antibody/complement, not by T-cells



Acute fulminant hepatic injury was induced in rats within 1 hour after a single intravenous injection of a monoclonal antibody to rat liver cell membrane (MoAb). The liver injury induced by MoAb was characterized by multiple focal hepa-tocellular necrosis which was associated with marked increase in serum AST, ALT, and LDH activity. Inflammatory cell infiltration was not observed in the necrotic foci. Immunohistological study showed marked deposition of complement in the necrotic area, suggesting that the membrane-damaging action of the complement system activated by the antigen-antibody reaction between the hepatocyte membrane and MoAb may play an important role in the pathogenesis of MoAb-in-duced hepatic injury in rats.