In the article entitled “A sequential study of serum bacterial DNA in patients with advanced cirrhosis and ascites” by Such et al. (HEPATOLOGY 2004;39:484–491), the text below Table 1 should appear as follows:

Table 1. Basic Clinical and Analytical Characteristics of the Cohort Distributed According to the Absence or Presence of BactDNA in the Serum and AF
 BactDNA-neg (n = 10)BactDNA-pos (n = 7)P Value*
  • BactDNA-negative, negative for the presence of bacterial DNA; BactDNA-pos, positive for the presence of bacterial DNA; AF, ascitic fluid; NS, not significant; M/F, male/female; HCV, hepatitis C virus; PMN, polymorphonuclear leukocytes.

  • Data are shown as the median and ranges.

  • Mean arterial pressure was estimated before paracentesis was performed.

  • *

    A nonsignificant P value was a P value > .05.

Age (yrs) (range)63 (38–80)73 (48–79)NS
Gender (M/F)8/26/1NS
Etiology (no.)   
Diuretics (yes/no)9/16/1NS
Child-Pugh score (range)8.0 (7–10)9.5 (7–11)NS
Mean arterial pressure at inclusion (range)80 (73–100)87 (63–97)NS
Bilirubin (mg/dL) (range)1.6 (0.4–3.4)3.5 (0.8–10.8)NS
Albumin (g/dL) (range)2.9 (2.7–3.3)2.7 (1.5–4.1)NS
Gamma globulin (g/dL) (range)1.8 (1.5–2.6)2.3 (1.4–5.7)NS
Quick (%) (range)67 (42–84)58 (47–74)NS
Leukocyte/mm3 (range)5470 (4000–12000)7375 (4200–11,600)NS
Blood PMN3556 (2600–7800)4823 (2747–7586)NS
AF total protein (g/dL) (range)1.4 (1.0–2.9)1.6 (1.0–3.1)NS
AF leukocyte/mm3 (range)90 (60–250)80 (10–800)NS
AF PMNs (range)39 (10–68)73 (36–84)NS
Volume of AF evacuated at paracentesis (range)4.0 (1.5–13)6.8 (3.0–11.5)NS