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suppmat_933_fig1.tif600KIL-6 treatment ameliorates fatty livers in high-fat-fed and ethanol-fed mice. (A) and (B) High-fat-fed mice were administrated daily with IL-6 (1 µg/g, s.c.) or saline for 10 days. (C) and (D) Mice were fed with ethanol containing diet for 8 weeks, and IL-6 (1 µg/g, s.c.) or saline was administrated daily for the last 5 days. Then mice from panels A-D were sacrificed and livers were collected for Oil Red O staining (A and C) and determination of triglyceride levels (B and D). Panels A and C are representative pictures from 10 mice in each group. Values shown in panels B and D represent means ± SEM from 10 mice in each group. *P<0.05 in comparison with the saline-treated group.
suppmat_933_fig2.tif2678KIL-6 treatment does not alleviate steatosis in cultured steatotic hepatocytes. Hepatocytes were isolated from 8-week old ob/ob mice and cultured in the absence or presence of IL-6 (500 ng/ml) for 3 or 5 days, followed by staining with Oil Red O (A) or measuring triglyceride levels (B). Triglyceride levels in the supernatant of cultured hepatoytes were also measured (C). Representative pictures from 5 independent experiments are shown in panel A. Values shown in panel B and C are means ± SEM from 5 independent experiments.
suppmat_933_fig3.tif264KIL-6 activates hepatic STAT3 and anti-apoptotic proteins in ob/ob mice and lean C57BL/6 mice. (A) Mice were administrated with IL-6 (1 µ/g sc). After various time periods, mice were sacrificed and liver extracts wer collected for Western blot analysis with anti-STAT3 and anti-phospo-STAT3 antibodies. (B) Liver extracts from saline-treated ob/ob mice and IL-6-treated ob/ob mice (1 µ/g IL-6 s.c. daily for 10 days) were subjected to Western blot analysis of various proteins as indicated.

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