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suppmat_802_figS1.tif51KSerum sodium as a continuous predictor of 180 day survival. Receiver operating characteristic curves determined for combined training and validation cohorts. Figure A = all patients; B = patients with initial MELD score < 21; C = patients with initial MELD score > 21. C statistic = concordance statistic = area under receiver operating characteristic curve. Data indicate that sodium is a predictor of survival overall and especially in patients with MELD < 21.
suppmat_802_tableS1.tif57KDemographics and etiology of liver disease in cirrhotic veterans referred for orthotopic liver transplantation, 1/1/97 - 2/27/02 (training group) and 2/28/02-7/31/03 (validation group). Except for a 2.7 year difference in mean age at referral , the two groups were comparable. Statistical analyses included univariate ANOVA (parametric variables) and Chi square (non-parametric).
suppmat_802_tableS2.doc74KIndicators of liver disease severity &&num;x2014; training vs. validation subgroups.
suppmat_802_tableS3.doc82KUnivariate predictors of 180 day cirrhotic mortality, training group.

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