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suppmat_1116_fig1.tif2735KImmunoblot analysis of whole-cell lysate shows that α-1A/-1C, -1B, and ß-1 adrenergic receptors were expressed by normal cholangiocytes and upregulated following BDL. Data are expressed as the mean ± SE of 4 experiments. * Pvs. the corresponding value of normal cholangiocytes.
suppmat_1116_fig2.tif7159KImmunoblots for PKC-α and PKC-ß-II in a cytosolic and membrane obtained from pure cholangiocytes from BDL rats stimulated with 0.2% BSA or phenylephrine in 0.2% BSA. In isolated cholangiocytes treated with 0.2% BSA (basal value), the majority of PKC-α and PKC-ß-II is found in the cytosolic fraction; however, upon the addition of phenylephrine, PKC-α and PKC-ß-II protein expression decreases significantly in the cytosolic fraction. Following phenylephrine treatment, loss of PKC-a and PKC-ß-II from the cytosolic fraction was associated with an increase in the protein expression of these PKC isoforms in the membrane fraction of cholangiocytes. Data are expressed as the mean ± SEM of 11 experiments for PKC-α and mean ± SEM of 9 experiments for PKC-ß-II.

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