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legends.doc25KLegends to supporting figures.
fig_S1.tif685KHyperosmolarity-induced EGFR-activation in Huh7 cells
fig_S2.tif3255KFRET-analysis of the CD95L-induced EGFR-CFP/CD95-YFP-interaction in presence of AG1478 and JNK-inhibitor
fig_S3.tif487KColchizine- and taxol-induced microtubule disruption in Huh7 cells
fig_S4.tif3255K Figure S4 : Disruption of microtubules has no effect on CD95L-induced CD95/EGFR-association, but inhibits translocation of the EGFR-CFP/CD95-YFP-protein complex to the plasma membrane
fig_S5.tif684K Figure S5 : CD95-tyrosine mutants and CD95L-induced activation of the CD95-system

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