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jwsHEPv41.6.1262.doc23KCyclin and Cyclin-dependent Kinase Expression in Biliary Cirrhosis.
jwsHEPv41.6.1262.fig1.tif1339KWestern blot analysis of G1-S phase cell cycle proteins. Cyclin D1, cyclin E, cyclin A, cdk4, cdk6, cdk2, and PCNA were analyzed in whole-liver lysates from normal (compensation and decompensation-prone) and mice with compensated and decompensated cirrhosis. Lower cyclin A and PCNA expression in decompensation-prone cirrhosis supports the hypothesis that cell cycle progression is arrested prior to S phase. B-actin is shown as an internal control. WRL19 cell lysate is used as a positive control. Each blot is representative of a least 3 replicates using lysates from different animals.
jwsHEPv41.6.1262.tbl1.doc25KQuantification of Western blot results presented in Figure 2.

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