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jwsHEPv42.1.130.fig1.tif85KFACS analysis for liver-specific cytoplasmic markers. Isotype controls (A, D) versus immunostaining for AFP (B, C) or ALB (E, F). In this preparation of ED12.5 fetal liver cells, 2.3% of total cells are AFP+ or ALB+. Stained cells show higher side scatter (SSC) and forward scatter characteristics than unstained cells.
jwsHEPv42.1.130.fig2.tif4237KImmunocytochemistry for ALB and E-cadherin, Liv2 and Dlk. Unfractionated fetal liver cell preparations were stained for ALB (green) (A, D, and G), E-cadherin (red) (B), Liv2 (red) (E), and Dlk (red) (H) and DAPI (blue). Merged pictures (C, F, and I) show that all ALB+ cells are specifically co-stained with each of the 3 markers (yellow).

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