In the article entitled “Expression and localization of hepatobiliary transport proteins in progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis” by Keitel et al. (HEPATOLOGY 2005:41:1160-1172), Figure 4B was omitted. Figure 4 in its entirety (panels A and B) is listed here:

Figure 4.

Expression of MRP isoforms in PFIC-2 and PFIC-3 livers. (A) MRP3 and MRP4 were costained in PFIC or control livers. Immunoreactivity to MRP3 was similar in control and in PFIC livers. Basolateral MRP3 was found over the entire sinusoid without evident zonal distribution. In contrast to MRP3, MRP4 displayed a stronger immunofluorescence signal in PFIC livers as compared with controls. Bars = 10 μm. (B) Western blot analysis of MRP2, MRP3, and MRP4 in PFIC livers. Whereas MRP3 protein showed no evident differences in control and diseased livers, MRP4 was upregulated in most PFIC livers. MRP2 expression was diminished in approximately half of the livers. Images from the remaining patients are included in the supplemental data file. MRP, multidrug resistance associated protein; PFIC, progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis.