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jws-hep.20853.fig1.tif52KMolecular phenotype of FAP andDPIV overexpressing 293T cells. Flow cytometry of CFP fluorescencepositive cells immunostained for CD44, integrin β 1 ,β-catenin, MMP2 and DDR1 two days after CFP, CFP-FAP (A, C, E, G,I) or DPIV-CFP (B, D, F, H, J) transfection. Cells werenon-permeabilized (i) for cell surface staining or permeabilized(ii) to stain both internal and surface molecules. Stainingintensity differences (Table 3) were calculated by reference toeach corresponding negative control antibody profile to show thatFAP or DPIV overexpression stimulated CD44, integrin β 1 and MMP2 expression and depressed b-catenin and DDR1 expression.All cells were first gated for CFP expression. CFP transfectedcells stained with antibody (._._._.) or control antibody(..…); FAP or DPIV transfected cells stained with antibody( ____ ) or control antibody (____).
jws-hep.20853.fig2.jpg357K(i) Molecular phenotype of LX-2 cells(A-G). Flow cytometry showing that LX-2 cells were immunopositivefor integrin β 1(A), integrin α 3(B), CXCR4(C), CXCL12 (D), β-catenin (E), DDR1 (F), and MMP2 (G). Antibody( ____ ). Control antibody (____). (ii) Molecularphenotype of migrating LX-2 cells (H-J). LX-2 cells above themembrane (non-migrated) and below the membrane (migrated) wereexamined following transwell assays. Expression of integrinβ 1(H), β-catenin (I), and DDR1 (J). Similar data were obtained from GFP-FAP-positive cells (H-J) and GFP-positive cells(Supplemental Fig. 2). Migrated cells ( ____ ).Non-migrated cells (____). GFP, glial fibrillary protein; FAP,fibroblast activation protein.
jws-hep.20853.fig3.tif3180KMolecular phenotype of migratingLX-2 cells. Following transwell experiments, GFP fluorescencepositive cells above the membrane (non-migrated) and below themembrane (migrated) were phenotyped by flow cytometry. Moreintegrin &&num;x03b2; 1was on migrated than non-migrated cells(A-F). More migrated than non-migrated cells expressed &&num;x03b2;-catenin;about 20 % of non-migrated cells but < 10 % of migrated cellslacked detectable b-catenin expression (G-L). DDR1 (M-R) and CD44and MMP2 (not shown) were not differentially expressed. Cells werenon-permeabilized for integrin &&num;x03b2; 1staining orpermeabilized for &&num;x03b2;-catenin and DDR1 staining. Antibody staining(solid lines), control antibody (dotted line), migrated cells( ____ ), non-migrated cells (____).

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