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jws-hep.21175.psd681K Supplemental Figure 1.The effect of anti-Gr-1 pretreatment on LPS-induced liver injury and mRNA expreesion for TNFa and CD14. Normal B6 mice with or without pretreatment by anti-Gr-1 antibody (250μg at ?24hr and 150μg at-4hr per mouse,i.p.) were challenged with LPS (1mg/kg, i.p.). A) Serum ALT levels at 2hr and 6hr after LPS challenge; B) mRNA expression for TNFa and CD14 in the liver. Liver tissues were harvested from control mouse and LPS-challenged mice (at 3hr after LPS)with or without pretreatmentby anti-Gr-1 antibody. Total RNA was extracted and analyzed by reverse-transcription PCR

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