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jws-hep.21241.TIF176K Supplementary Figure 1. Pyrazole-enhanced LPS liver injury in wild type 129Sv mice.Pyrazole (150mg/kg) or saline was injected ip daily for 2 days followed by LPS (4mg/kg) or saline injection ip. Blood and liver samples were collected at 24 h after treatment with LPS or saline, and transaminase levels were assayed as described in MATERIALS AND METHODS. Serum ALT (A) and AST (B): Data are presented as mean?SD (n=6). H&E stained liver sections (C): no changes were observed in saline (a), pyrazole (b), or the LPS groups (c); large necrotic areas were observed in the LPS/pyrazole group (d); almost normal morphology was observed in the LPS/pyrazole plus CMZ group (e). Sal: saline; Py: pyrazole; LPS: lipopolysaccharide; CMZ: chlormethiazole.

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