In the February 2006 (supplement) article "Liver Biology and Pathobiology" by Kaplowitz (pages S235-S238), on page S238, references 8 and 9, the following correction should be noted:

The corrected references should read as:

  • 8
    Kon K, Kim JS, Jaeschke H, Lemasters JJ. Mitochondrial permeability transition in acetaminophen-induced necrosis and apoptosis of cultured mouse hepatocytes. HEPATOLOGY 2004;40:1170–1179.
  • 9
    Goldring CE, Kitteringham NR, Elsby R, Randle LE, Clement YN, Williams DP, et al. Activation of hepatic Nrf2 in vivo by acetaminophen in CD-1 mice. HEPATOLOGY 2004;39:1267–1276.