In the June 2006 article “Anti-HCV therapies in chimeric scid-Alb/upa mice parallel outcomes in human clinical application” by Kneteman et al. (pages 1346-1353), Dr. Qing Zhu's name was inadvertently omitted from the list of authors. Dr. Zhu is affiliated with Chiron Corporation in Emeryville, CA.

The corrected list of authors should read as follows: Norman M. Kneteman,1,4 Amy J. Weiner,3 John O'Connell,5 Marc Collett,6 Tiejun Gao,4 Lea Aukerman,3 Rosemary Kovelsky,3 Zhi-Je Ni,3 Qing Zhu,3 Ahmad Hashash,3 Janine Kline,3 Belinda Hsi,1 Daniel Schiller,1 Donna Douglas,1 D Lorne J Tyrrell,2,4 and David F. Mercer1,4

The Publisher regrets the error.