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jws-hep.21297.fig1.tif14573KSupplementary Fig. 1.PtIns3PK signalling and Golgi apparatus are not involved in hepadnaviral transport.PDHs were treated with wortmannin to prevent PtIns3PK signalling (A) or BFA to disrupt Golgi (B) and subsequently infected with DHBV. Cells were harvested 3 d later and analysed by immunofluorescence staining as well as immunoblot for viral L protein. Wortm, wortmannin; BFA, brefeldin A; preT x , pre-treatment.
jws-hep.21297.fig2.tif1980KSupplementary Fig. 2.vATPase is required for a postentry step.PDHs were treated with BafA1 for 1 h at 37?C before inoculation with DHBV at 4?C for 2 h. Cells were immediately harvested by direct lysis after trypsin digestion or warmed to 37?C to allow internalization of bound viral particles. At the indicated time points, cells were harvested by limited protease digestion and analysed for intracellular viral DNA by PCR. +T, after trypsin digestion.
jws-hep.21297.fig3.tif9358KSupplementary Fig. 3.Disruption of endosomal transport stabilizes viral particles.PDHs were treated with the indicated substances for 1 h at 37?C. Then viral particles were allowed to attach to the cell surface and harvested (A). Parallel cultures were washed, supplemented with fresh drugs and shifted to 37?C for 6 h. Cells were then harvested and analysed by immunoblotting for viral L protein (B).

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