jws-hep.21298.fig1.tif1766K Experimental protocol for ischemic preconditioning (IPC).Animals were subjected to 90 min ischemia followed by 180 min of reperfusion. IPC was induced by 10 min of ischemia followed by 10 min of reperfusion. Liver samples were obtained at the indicated time points.
jws-hep.21298.fig2.tif3826K Time course of Akt phosphorylation during ischemia and after reperfusion.Akt activation was examined in livers of animals undergoing various times of ischemia and reperfusion. Western blot analysis for phosphorylated Akt (A) and total Akt (B) levels was performed. Hepatic protein lysate from ischemic lobes were obtained. Blot shown is representative of three experiments with similar results. Akt phosphorylation was abolished by treatment with the PI3-kinase inhibitors wortmannin (W).

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