Transcriptomic and genomic analysis of human hepatocellular carcinomas and hepatoblastomas


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This study analyzed gene expression patterns and global genomic alterations in hepatocellular carcinomas (HCC), hepatoblastomas (HPBL), tissue adjacent to HCC and normal liver tissue derived from normal livers and hepatic resections. We found that HCC and adjacent non-neoplastic cirrhotic tissue have considerable overlap in gene expression patterns compared to normal liver. Several genes including Glypican 3, spondin-2, PEG10, EDIL3 and Osteopontin are over-expressed in HCC vs. adjacent tissue whereas Ficolin 3 is the most consistently under-expressed gene. HCC can be subdivided into three clusters based on gene expression patterns. HCC and HPBL have clearly different patterns of gene expression, with genes IGF2, Fibronectin, DLK1, TGFb1, MALAT1 and MIG6 being over-expressed in HPBL versus HCC. In addition, specific areas of the genome appear unstable in HCC, with the same regions undergoing either deletion or increased gene dosage in all HCC. In conclusion, a set of specific genes and areas of genomic instability are found across the board in liver neoplasia. (HEPATOLOGY 2006.)