In the May 2006 article “Duration of Peginterferon Therapy in Acute Hepatitis C: A Randomized Trial” by Kamal et al. (pages 923-931), the sentence in the middle of the first column on page 927 should read as follows:

The difference in SVR rates between groups A and C was statistically significant (absolute difference, 23.6%; 95% CI of difference 17%-34%; P = .001) while the difference between groups A and B (absolute difference, 14.8%; 95% CI) was not significant (difference 12%-38%; P = .104).

Table 2 on page 927 and Fig. 2 on page 928 have also been modified:

Table 2. Virologic Response Rates in Patients Treated With Peginterferon alpha-2b (Intention-to-Treat Analysis)
Virologic Response, n (%)Group A (8 weeks of therapy) (n = 34)Group B (12 weeks of therapy) (n = 34)Group C (24 weeks of therapy) (n = 34)P Value
A vs BA vs CB vs C
  • *

    Denotes statistically significant P value. Abbreviations: RVR, rapid virologic response; ETR, end-of-treatment response; SVR, sustained virologic response; P value, Fisher's exact test.

RVR29 (85.3)29 (85.3)30 (88.2)
ETR27 (79.4)30 (88.2)32 (94.1)0.5120.1500.673
SVR21 (61.7)28 (82.4)31 (91.2)0.1040.009*0.476