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jws-hep.21387.fig1.pdf143KSuppl Fig 1. A representative picture of borderline malignancy observed in biliary papilloma(tosis). (HE staining, x100 and x400)
jws-hep.21387.fig2.pdf86KSuppl Fig. 2. Radiological features of papillary-CC (carcinoma in situ). Contrast material-enhanced computed tomography of the abdomen showing an intraductal tumor in the dilated intrapancreatic bile duct (arrow).
jws-hep.21387.fig3.pdf140KSuppl Fig 3. MUC1 expression in papillary-CC with tubular adenocarcinoma. MUC1 expression is observed mainly in the invasive lesion. (BD, bile duct lumen; left: HE staining; right: MUC1 staining; x100)

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