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jws-hep.21432.fig1.pdf26K Supplementary Fig. 1. Determination of the optimal concentrations of anti-IFNAR1 antibody on the HCV replicon Huh-7 cells for inhibition of IFN action Huh-7 cells expressing a full length HCV replicon were plated in 24-well plates at 1.5x105 cells/well and transfected after 24h with 1 ?g of pISRE-luciferase expressing vector (Stratagene). Three hours after transfection, different concentrations of anti-IFNAR1 were added in the media before addition of 10U/ml or 100U/ml of IFN after 45 minutes as indicated. Analysis of luciferase expression was performed after 24 hours as described in Materials and Methods.
jws-hep.21432.tbl1.pdf12K Supplementary Table 1: Primers used for reverse transcription and Real-Time PCR Except for the HCV primers, all primers were designed using the software LC Probe design (Roche). S: sense, AS:antisense
jws-hep.21432.tbl2.pdf11K Supplementary Table 2: Complete transcriptome profile induced by IKK in the Huh7 Replicon cells using Affymetrix U133 2.0 chips. The accession number of the genes is given on the left, followed by the gene name. The numbers represent the fold change and the mean values (of triplicate samples) for IKK-transfected and control HCV replicon cells
jws-hep.21432.tbl3.pdf12KSupporting Information file jws-hep.21432.tbl3.pdf
jws-hep.21432.tbl4.pdf12KSupporting Information file jws-hep.21432.tbl4.pdf
jws-hep.21432.tbl5.pdf14KSupporting Information file jws-hep.21432.tbl5.pdf
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